FAR Issue Vol. 46/No. 216 Section V  
Issue Date: November 4, 2020
Total number of notices in Section V:    2

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a variance from John Morris, Alachua County Parks and Open Space,408 West University Ave, Gainesville, FL. Pursuant to Section 120.542, F.S., to construct a restroom facility for Poe Springs County Park. Petitioner is seeking .... 23840386 11/4/2020
Vol. 46/216
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variance or waiver filed by Lori Fordham, NHA, on behalf of Innovative Health Care Properties II, LLC d/b/a Innovative College of Health, from Rule 64B9-15.006(2), F.A.C., which states that the standardized curriculum shall .... 23842617 11/4/2020
Vol. 46/216