FAR Issue Vol. 46/No. 14 Section I  
Issue Date: January 22, 2020
Total number of notices in Section I:    3

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The purpose of this rule amendment is to establish in rule the most recent guidelines, forms, application procedures, and Grant Award Agreements for the Historic Preservation Grants In Aid Program, including Small Matching .... 22840122 1/22/2020
Vol. 46/14
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To update components of the Florida College System baccalaureate approval process in order to increase the consistency of information collected, reduce redundancy and provide greater clarity for institutions. Additionally, .... 22823729 1/22/2020
Vol. 46/14
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The purpose of this rule development notice is to address rule amendments for Gulf County (including St. Joseph Bay) bay scallop season dates. The effect of the rule amendment would define a new bay scallop harvest zone .... 22841577 1/22/2020
Vol. 46/14