FAR Issue Vol. 45/No. 224 Section VII  
Issue Date: November 18, 2019
Total number of notices in Section VII:    2

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Agency 61B
Albert Meyer and Susan Barbosa, In Re: Ocean Pointe I Condominium Association, Docket ....
  Whether the statutory limitation to serve a maximum of eight consecutive years as a director in F.S. ยง 718.112(2)(d)2., includes years ....
22619738 11/18/2019
Vol. 45/224
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Agency 61J2
PEL Realty LLC
  The Notice of the Petition was published in Volume 45, No. 152, of the August 6, 2019, issue of the Florida Administrative Register. ....
22619544 11/18/2019
Vol. 45/224