FAR Issue Vol. 45/No. 111 Section I  
Issue Date: June 7, 2019
Total number of notices in Section I:    3

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To implement Section 366.96, FS, which was passed by the Florida Legislature in the 2019 session. Section 366.96, FS, requires public electric utilities to file storm protection plans with the Commission and allows a public .... 21954221 6/7/2019
Vol. 45/111
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The purpose of the amendment to Rule 59G-4.125, Florida Administrative Code, (F.A.C.), is to update the Florida Medicaid Behavior Analysis Services Coverage Policy,_______. The updated coverage policy clarifies provider .... 21953639 6/7/2019
Vol. 45/111
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The Department intends to amend Rule 65C-30.002, Safety Planning and Case Transfer, to address ongoing safety plan development. Section 39.012, F.S., requires the Department to adopt rules for the management of all programs, .... 21953833 6/7/2019
Vol. 45/111