FAR Issue Vol. 44/No. 46 Section II  
Issue Date: March 7, 2018
Total number of notices in Section II:    3

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The Board proposes the rule amendments to add an additional accrediting agency and to update the new provider application, and to clarify the provider’s delegation to provide potential participants substantive information .... 20144201 3/7/2018
Vol. 44/46
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In accordance with section 120.545(3)(b)1., Florida Statutes, this rulemaking updates the Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card applications rule for patients and their caregivers to reflect statutory changes .... 20146626 3/7/2018
Vol. 44/46
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The proposed rule amendment is intended to set forth a range of penalties to be imposed for those physicians who are not in compliance with Section 381.986, Florida Statutes, in certifying patients for medical marijuana .... 20142649 3/7/2018
Vol. 44/46