FAR Issue Vol. 43/No. 143 Section II  
Issue Date: July 25, 2017
Total number of notices in Section II:    3

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To incorporate by reference the full-time equivalent (FTE) student membership reporting instructions publication (FTE General Instructions), including an appendix describing eligibility and reporting requirements for student .... 19224447 7/25/2017
Vol. 43/143
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The Board proposes the rule amendment to update terminology related to the use of sedation in the practice of dentistry. 19224932 7/25/2017
Vol. 43/143
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The purpose of the rule amendment is to delete unnecessarily repetitive language and obsolete violations, and add an additional violation that can be handled with an alternative to the disciplinary process set forth in Section .... 19223380 7/25/2017
Vol. 43/143