FAR Issue Vol. 43/No. 108 Section VII  
Issue Date: June 5, 2017
Total number of notices in Section VII:    5

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Agency 61G19
Rune Lero, President of Innovative Construction Inspections, Inc., on May 4, 201....
  The Petitioner seeks interpretation and clarification of Sections 468.604(2), 469.621(1)(g), and 468.621(1)(i), Florida Statutes, ....
19046064 6/5/2017
Vol. 43/108
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Structa Wire Corp.
  Petitioner seeks clarification as to whether a non-structural reinforcing lathing product falls within the scope of the state product ....
19045773 6/5/2017
Vol. 43/108
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Agency 61G4
Roy McKenzie on May 12, 2017, on behalf of the City of Tampa.
  The Petitioner asks if there is a mandatory license or certification necessary for the installation or replacement of a water meter. ....
19045191 6/5/2017
Vol. 43/108
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Agency 69
Choice Plus LLC
  The petitioner requested the Department issue a declaration describing what form of judicial process and documentation the Department ....
19043542 6/5/2017
Vol. 43/108
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Agency 69W
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co
  The Office of Financial Regulation (Financial Institutions/Securities) received a petition for declaratory statement from Brown Brothers ....
19045967 6/5/2017
Vol. 43/108