FAR Issue Vol. 43/No. 57 Section VII  
Issue Date: March 23, 2017
Total number of notices in Section VII:    3

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Agency 61B
Ryan C. Scarpa, Esq., In Re: 100 Ocean Road Condominium Association, Inc., Docket ....
  As the Board of Directors of the Association has previously voted to approve the expansion of unit balconies and patios, may they ....
18766219 3/23/2017
Vol. 43/57
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Jacqueline Halyard, d/b/a Star Achievers Learning Center
  In particular petitioner seeks a declaration whether the Department is required to amend its inspection reports to delete the violations ....
18764667 3/23/2017
Vol. 43/57
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Agency 69V
Cumulus Funding Inc.
  On 3/16/2017, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation (Consumer Finance) received a Petition for Declaratory Statement from Cumulus ....
18764473 3/23/2017
Vol. 43/57