FAR Issue Vol. 42/No. 39 Section VII  
Issue Date: February 26, 2016
Total number of notices in Section VII:    2

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View Text Declination
Agency 61B
Hans R. DeVaughn, In Re: Coconut Palms Beach Resort II Owner’s Association, Inc., ....
  The Division declined to issue a Declaratory Statement because it may not issue a statement concerning events that have already taken ....
17214995 2/26/2016
Vol. 42/39
View Text Petition
Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, Inc., Girl Scout Council of the Florida Panhandle, ....
  The Petitioners seek a declaratory statement regarding the scope of section 402.301(6), Florida Statutes, as to whether persons volunteering ....
17215383 2/26/2016
Vol. 42/39