FAR Issue Vol. 41/No. 14 Section VII  
Issue Date: January 22, 2015
Total number of notices in Section VII:    4

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Agency 61B
Vincent L. Castellucci Jr., Petitioner/Unit Owner, In Re: Celebration Point Master ....
  Petitioner is not precluded by section 718.112(2)(d)(2), Florida Statutes, from serving on the Board of Directors for Celebration ....
15577538 1/22/2015
Vol. 41/14
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Agency 61G16
Aaron M. Blumberg, Esq, on behalf of Dr. Subodh Acharya, filed on January 14, 20....
  The petition seeks the Board’s interpretation of Chapter 492, Florida Statutes, regarding whether Petitioner should be licensed as ....
15576180 1/22/2015
Vol. 41/14
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Jason Walowitz
  regarding whether companies and organizations that engage in credit restoration services are able to issue compensation (referral ....
15576083 1/22/2015
Vol. 41/14
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Agency 61J2
Retirement Housing Foundation and Foundation Property Management
  regarding whether Retirement Housing Foundation or Foundation Property Management, acquisition entities or on-site employees would ....
15575986 1/22/2015
Vol. 41/14