FAR Issue Vol. 40/No. 207 Section V  
Issue Date: October 23, 2014
Total number of notices in Section V:    2

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variance of Rules 64B10-15.0021(1) and 15.002, F.A.C., filed by Carolyn Moore, requesting a variance of the requirement that: for 15.0021(1), providers from which education seminars, training or participation are sought .... 15202730 10/23/2014
Vol. 40/207
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variance or waiver of Section 490.005, Florida Statutes, and Rule 64B19-11.005, F.A.C., filed by Lisa A. Schwellinger, Psy.D., requesting a variance or waiver of the requirement that an applicant have 4,000 hours of supervised .... 15201760 10/23/2014
Vol. 40/207