FAR Issue Vol. 39/No. 216 Section II  
Issue Date: November 5, 2013
Total number of notices in Section II:    3

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This new proposed rule is required to incorporate by reference a new form DS-DE 136 entitled “Election Day Absentee Ballot Delivery Affidavit” that the Department of State is required to adopt pursuant to Chapter 2013-57, .... 13779158 11/5/2013
Vol. 39/216
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The District proposes to define the term "posting", and to electronically post "notice of receipt of permit applications" for certain types of permit applications on the home page of the District's website as an alternative .... 13632785 11/5/2013
Vol. 39/216
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The Board proposes the rule repeal because it is no longer administering the examination. 13774211 11/5/2013
Vol. 39/216