FAR Issue Vol. 39/No. 135 Section V  
Issue Date: July 12, 2013
Total number of notices in Section V:    3

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Omni Amelia Resort. Petitioner seeks an emergency variance of the requirements of an unspecified Section of A17.3, as adopted by 61C-5.001(1), Florida Administrative Code that requires upgrading the elevators which poses .... 13229556 7/12/2013
Vol. 39/135
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waiver from Woodcreek Apartments, LTD. of Rule 67-48.010(15), 67-48.0105(5), 67-48.0105(6) and 67-48.0075(5) Florida Administrative Code, to seek a permanent waiver or variance from the repayment of the required proportionate .... 13227034 7/12/2013
Vol. 39/135
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RULE NUMBER AND NATURE OF RULE FROM WHICH VARIANCE OR WAIVER IS SOUGHT: Chapter 73C-1, Black Business Loan Program, Rule 73C-1.001(6), F.A.C., which defines the annual “application period” as May 1 through June 1 (or the .... 13228004 7/12/2013
Vol. 39/135