FAR Issue Vol. 39/No. 29 Section VII  
Issue Date: February 12, 2013
Total number of notices in Section VII:    2

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View Text Declination
Agency 61B
Howard J. Perl, Esq., In Re: Birch Crest Apartments, Inc., Docket No. 2012051493....
  The Division declined to issue a Declaratory Statement because it may not interpret an association’s ambiguous governing documents; ....
12631260 2/12/2013
Vol. 39/29
View Text Petition
Ken Rich on behalf of Weber Design Group.
  Petitioner seeks clarification as to the applicability of Sections R311.7.1 through R311.7.8 and R311.9.3, Florida Building Code, ....
12632521 2/12/2013
Vol. 39/29