FAR Issue Vol. 38/No. 38 Section VII    
Issue Date: September 21, 2012
Total number of notices in Section VII:    5

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Alfonso Fernandez-Fraga, P.E. on behalf of Initial Engineers
  The petition was granted and in response to Petitioner’s question regarding Level 2 alterations, the answer is that in accordance ....
11999208 9/21/2012
Vol. 38/38
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Larry M. Schneider, AIA, for North Broward Hospital District
  The petition was denied because it requested a statement that determines the conduct of a local agency on actions that had already ....
11995328 9/21/2012
Vol. 38/38
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Rick's A/C, Inc.
  The petition was denied for failing to state any facts specific to Petitioner's particular set of circumstances and requested a statement ....
11994649 9/21/2012
Vol. 38/38
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Agency 61G20
Lorraine A. Ross on behalf of the Dow Chemical Company
  The petition sought clarification of a conflict contained within the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation (2010) that has subsequently ....
11966131 9/21/2012
Vol. 38/38
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Agency 61G4
Robert K. Eddy, Esq., filed on August 24, 2012
  The Petitioner seeks the Board to interpret Chapter 489.105(3)(n), Florida Statutes, and whether the proposed related to water, sewer, ....
11995037 9/21/2012
Vol. 38/38