FAR Issue Vol. 38/No. 37 Section VII    
Issue Date: September 14, 2012
Total number of notices in Section VII:    3

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Agency 61A
Astor Post No. 9986 Veterans of Foreign Wars of The United States, Inc., DS 2012-067 ....
  The Petitioner requests that the Division issue a Declaratory Statement advising whether it will adopt the Attorney General’s opinion ....
11972145 9/14/2012
Vol. 38/37
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Raymond A. Manucy, President of RM Enterprises, Inc.
  The petition was granted, and in response to petitioner's questions the answers are that statewide product approval is an optional ....
11970108 9/14/2012
Vol. 38/37
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Agency 69I
Kelly M. Tindall and Tina L. Hoffmeister
  The petition was denied and the petition was dismissed because the petitioners do not need an official opinion from the agency to ....
11976898 9/14/2012
Vol. 38/37