FAR Issue Vol. 37/No. 50 Section VII    
Issue Date: December 16, 2011
Total number of notices in Section VII:    2

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View Text Declination
Agency 61B
Jaime Zelaya, Unit Owner, In Re: The Hamptons at Brandon Condominium Association, ....
  The Division declined to issue a Declaratory Statement because it cannot issue a declaratory statement concerning events that have ....
10752758 12/16/2011
Vol. 37/50
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Agency 64B
Collier HMA Physician Management, LLC, on August 26, 2011.
  Has been withdrawn pursuant to Petitioner’s request. The Notice of Petition was published in Vol. 37, No. 36 of the September 9, 2011, ....
10763040 12/16/2011
Vol. 37/50