FAR Issue Vol. 37/No. 49 Section VII    
Issue Date: December 9, 2011
Total number of notices in Section VII:    7

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Agency 61A
Astor Post No. 9986 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Inc., DS 2011....
  Based upon the facts set out in the submitted Petition for Declaratory Statement, Petitioner is currently operating the proposed business ....
10745289 12/9/2011
Vol. 37/49
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Agency 61G4
Jim Phelps, Phelps Engineering Company filed on November 16, 2011.
  The Petitioner does not state in his request which statute the Petitioner seeks the Board to interpret. However, Petitioner appears ....
10743252 12/9/2011
Vol. 37/49
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Agency 62
Charles E. Strange, Jr.,
  The Notice of Petition for Declaratory Statement was published in Vol. 37, No. 42, of the October 21, 2011, Florida Administrative ....
10739372 12/9/2011
Vol. 37/49
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Agency 64B
Tenet Florida Physician Services, LLC, filed on July 15, 2011.
  Tenet Florida Physician Services, LLC, seeking the agency’s interpretation of Section 458.3265(1)(a)2.c., Florida Statutes, has been ....
10742670 12/9/2011
Vol. 37/49
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Agency 64B2
C. David Martinez, Esquire on behalf of The Joint Chiropractic Clinic.
  The petition seeks the Board’s interpretation of Section 460.4167(1)(g), Florida Statutes, concerning whether the a non-chiropractor ....
10750333 12/9/2011
Vol. 37/49
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Agency 64B8
Integrated Community Oncology Network (ICON), LLC, on November 2, 2011, has been ....
10728605 12/9/2011
Vol. 37/49
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Agency 69A
City of Cape Canaveral and David Sargent, Fire Chief
  The Petition was denied as the subject matter of the Petition is at issue in pending litigation. The Petition was also denied as it ....
10727441 12/9/2011
Vol. 37/49