FAR Issue Vol. 36/No. 03 Section VII    
Issue Date: January 22, 2010
Total number of notices in Section VII:    4

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Section Description ID Publish
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Agency 6A
Imagine Schools Non-Profit, Inc.
  The Department has determined that the proper mechanism to make a statement of general eligiblity relating to nonprofit organization ....
8157038 1/22/2010
Vol. 36/03
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Agency 60
the Alliance of City Employees
  The Commission declined to issue a declaratory statement because it is not the appropriate means for determining the conduct of another ....
8164604 1/22/2010
Vol. 36/03
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Agency 61J2
Daniel Villazon, Esq., on behalf of Everglades Housing Group, Inc. (EHG)
  The Petitioner seeks a Declaratory Statement stating that EHG is exempt pursuant to Section 475.011(2), F.S., from maintaining a Florida ....
8170812 1/22/2010
Vol. 36/03
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Agency 64B1
Olga Ham Chi, AP.
  The petitioner seeks the Board’s approval to write “script” to assigned massage therapist in her practice.
8179736 1/22/2010
Vol. 36/03