FAR Issue Vol. 36/No. 01 Section VII    
Issue Date: January 8, 2010
Total number of notices in Section VII:    5

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Agency 5F
Exxon Mobil Corporation
  The Department dismissed the Petition for the following reasons: a) a declaratory statement is not an appropriate mechanism for evaluation ....
8108247 1/8/2010
Vol. 36/01
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Tim Johnson, Principal, on behalf of SnappBatt, on November 20, 2009.
  The Petitioner asks whether the Petitioner’s product, designed to elevate roof tiles to create a space between the tile and underlayment, ....
8116007 1/8/2010
Vol. 36/01
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Agency 61B
Andrew Foley, Petitioner, In Re: Orange Blossom Tower Condominium Association, Inc., ....
  Whether the developer of Orange Blossom Tower Condominium retained the right to lease parking spaces under the declaration and Sections ....
8112030 1/8/2010
Vol. 36/01
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Agency 61B
George Mitchell, Petitioner, In Re: Harbour Royale Condominium Association, Inc., ....
  Whether Harbour Royale Condominium Association, Inc. may continue to follow its bylaws, which adopt alternate election procedures, ....
8109993 1/8/2010
Vol. 36/01
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Agency 64B7
Dr. A. Sagman, DC, on behalf of Miramar Medical Center, Inc.
  The Petition asks the Board whether electrical modalities can be used by a massage therapist without supervision.
8117850 1/8/2010
Vol. 36/01