September 25, 2018

Until further notice, rules filed for adoption in the previous 7 days are published as a daily Miscellaneous Notice.

PDF: Entire Issue

Section I Notices of Development of Proposed Rules and Negotiated Rulemaking
Section II Proposed Rules
Section III Notices of Changes, Corrections and Withdrawals
Section IV Emergency Rules
Section V Petitions and Dispositions Regarding Rule Variance or Waiver
Section VI Notices of Meetings, Workshops and Public Hearings
Section VII Notices of Petitions and Dispositions Regarding Declaratory Statements
Section VIII Notice of Petitions and Dispositions Regarding the Validity of Rules
Section IX Notices of Petitions and Dispositions Regarding Non-rule Policy Challenges
Section X Announcements and Objection Reports of the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee
Section XI Notices Regarding Bids, Proposals and Purchasing
Section XII Miscellaneous
Section XIII Index of Rules Filed During Preceding Week

The PDF version of the Florida Administrative Register is compiled by Code and Register staff for the convenience of those using the Register. Section 120.55(1)(b) states that the electronically published Florida Administrative Register is the official publication. Any discrepancy between the PDF version and the electronic version should be resolved in favor of the electronic, official version.